Brownies are the new black

I know what you're thinking: haven't brownies been around forever? Um ... no! It’s hard to truly determine who ought to be credited for the first brownie. It seems a 100 years old story when a woman named Bertha Palmer (a Chicago businesswoman and socialite) was campaigning for women’s right to vote at a banquet party in Chicago. She made a dessert that included both chocolate and walnuts - a dessert neither chocolate nor walnut fans would turn away. And since then, things haven't changed all that much: brownies are still with us and they always have much delicious chocolate in them.

Colorful brownies with sprinkles

They are one of my favorite desserts, and I'm always looking for new brownie recipes to try. A lot of people like to eat their brownies with ice cream, but I prefer them plain. I prefer them when they are warm and the chocolate is still ooey-gooey inside. My friend Pamela makes a fantastic recipe...I love her cosmic rainbow brownies and her creativity! Her brownies are perfect at any celebration or party: birthdays, holidays, and more. Her sweets are so beautiful and delicious.

Pamela Brownies recipe
There are different recipes for brownies: some are classic and similar to the original one and others are completely new recipes for modern brownies: who make brownies covered with white chocolate and sprinkles, who use almonds instead of nuts, who make them with white chocolate.
The days of plain, boring brownies are over because can be customized to fit whatever theme you want.

Brownies with sprinkles

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