Pastel Colors Trend!

Do you know what is the biggest trend in the world of cake design? The Pastel colors! Soft, soothing, delicate and beautiful pastel hues have spread like wildfire over the cakes and sweets in recent years.

Pastel Sprinkles

(What's the scoop-Sprinkles medley)

Spring is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start using those delicate pastel colors. Soft pinks and powder blues will help you create the right atmosphere. I personally love these colors on cakes and on sweets, because really bring out the beauty of the cakes and make them look delicious.

Pastel Colored Cake

Cake designers love using pastel colors to decorate and embellish their cakes and their sweets! Wherever we see: pastel-colored sprinkles, pastel glitter, pastel fondant, and much more! Also, many tools used by cake designers are pastel-colored: silicone molds, scoops, cutters, sticks, and more.

My favorite color is pastel pink and I even have a collection of strictly pastel pink tools that I use when I bake. I'm obsessed! Pink is a color that lightens the mind, is capable of removing negative thoughts, relieves pain and sadness. Which is your favorite color?

You can find all the amazing pink baking tools available on

Rainbow Chocholate Bar

Now it's your turn!!! Share with us your pastel color creations, use #pinkalmondsshop to be featured on our Instagram page!

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