Cake Pops: they're the cutest treat ever

Cake pops are mini treats, neatly decorated and sophisticated balls of cake. Cake pops originate from the intention to use leftover cake, which are made even sweeter with chocolate coatings and pralines of all kinds.While it was once reserved for children's birthday parties and a special treat, they have now evolved into a more refined and adult-oriented treat like for weddings, company party and other.

Wedding cake pops

Cake pops are used not just for fun but also in baking as an alternative to regular baking mixes.
Cake pops can be different flavors and be flavored with strawberries, fruit, or other sweet treats for an extra fun surprise.
They can be decorated with different toppings and frostings providing you with a lot of variety when it comes to flavor, color and shape.
I prefer pink chocolate cake pops with sprinkles(you can colororing chocolate with alimentar color). They are delicious and wonderful!!!

Pink Cake pops
Cake Pops can be made really from anything: from donuts, rolls and cupcakes. They are fun and easy to make, which makes for great treats for any party – the best thing about them is that the decorations are endless!

Colorful cake pops
Try serving them at a party and your guests will be sure to exclaim: "They're delicious and cute! Wow, these are yummy!"


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