Cake Cones: a simple and sweet treat

Spring is one of the most loved seasons! After suffering the grayness of winter, it's wonderful to see the world's color palette begin to "color" again. And what could signify this change of seasons more appropriately than that perfect spring dessert, fresh and naturally tasty desserts?

Cake Cones with cherry

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

For example for this season I love cake cones. I mean they're the best thing ever also when you're on a diet and want an ice cream cone but can't eat it because it's not trimming friendly. They are heaven sent! They are like the most perfect invention known to mankind.

Cake cones with watermelon

(Photo by Pamela Cake PlannerWatermelon silicone mold )

Cake cones are great for any type of dessert. If you want to make an impressive homemade dessert, then a cake cone is for you. Your family and friends will be impressed with how yummy your cake looks in the cone.Making them is really very simple! Just like for cake pops, create a little ball with crumbled cake mixed with cream cheese, Nutella or jam, place it on the cone and decorate it!Ten minutes: that's how long it takes to get these delicious treats from prep to plate!

Pink Cake Cones

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

Many people use melted chocolate and sprinkles to decorate: It's that easy! You could also put some gummy candies inside the cone for a wow effect! Cake Cones are the perfect addition to your dessert table. They're easy to make and so cute, your guests will love them.
If you try making these, let me know and tag PinkAlmonds shop to be futured!


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