American Cookies: That Chocolate Dream You NEVER Wake Up From

Do you know the history and recipe of cookies? They are one of the great classics of American baking. Crispy and with an explosive taste, these cookies have conquered the whole world! What makes you think of home when you have an American cookie? Is it the texture or the flavor? Or is it just the smell? I can't describe why American cookies are a taste that transports me back home, but they always do. Whatever the reason, I always make sure to grab one whenever I see them in a bakery — and that's not just for breakfast anymore!

American Cookies

According to some findings, the first chocolate chip cookies were accidentally created in 1930s Massachusetts by Ruth Wakefield. The chef's intention was to make simple cookies with cocoa powder for his new store. But there was a snag: the ingredient was not available. The fix? A chocolate bar (Nestlé's) appeared to be similar to cocoa powder, so it was used as a replacement in the recipe. The cookies were now done and he thought they were delicious. A 40-year later, these 2/3rd-sized chocolate chunk cookies made popular by Nestlé are one of the top-selling items offered by restaurants and grocery stores today.

American Cookies

The most important fact is that it can be considered a present prepared by hand. Every chef has his own ways to prepare this yummy paste: sometimes they mix it with dulce de leche, whipped cream, or even ice cream, but the base of the recipe remains the same, but the best part are the chips; we'll leave it up to you to choose whether you make them with chocolate, coconut or walnuts.I think my favorite American Cookies is a "chocolate chip". It has chocolate chip cookies with white and dark chocolate chips. If you ever try one, then I think you will love it as much as me. You ought to try some because you might find a new favorite cookie!!

American Cookies with M&M's

I love that cookie. It is so delicious, so soft and it also looks so beautiful. I have never seen a chocolate chip as bright as that one. Agree or not, there's no denying that these American-made sweets are the best in the world. That's really all for today, I hope you enjoy this small article as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!

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