The irresistible M&M'S world

They are colorful, irresistible and loved by adults and children alike. We are talking about M&M's, the chocolate confections covered with colored icing that were born in 1954 and have captivated entire generations. Although we may not realize it, people who grew up in this generation remember them vividly and fondly.
The idea for M&M's chocolates is attributed to Mars, who in the 1930s, during the Spanish Civil War, saw soldiers eating sugared almonds covered in a shell that prevented them from melting. A memo from W.A. Rogers to his nephew made it clear: Mars needed to create something that would not only hold in hot temperatures but prevent them from melting altogether!
Now M&M'S are the most popular chocolate candies in the world, and they rank first in sales.

Whether you're eating them for breakfast or for dessert, you'll be sure to find M&M'S on every shelf of the candy aisle in your local grocery store.
I love these! I use them to decorate cakes, ice cream, cupcakes and more! My favorite flavor is peanut. I find them so delicious and a colorful perfect snack to have throughout the day!

M&M'S cookies
If you want to try making the M&M'S at home, you could try making it with our "M&M'S SIlicone mold". The result is really outstanding! You can be able to make your own perfect-color M&M'S by pressing out the chocolate right in the container (for the color you can use alimentar coloring).

M&M'S home made

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

You can also make a M&M'S cookies: add some chocolate , peanut butter and M&M'S candies to cookies or a brownie batter, and the game is done!


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