Cakesicle Sticks "Mania"

Cakesicle Sticks have been the most exciting dessert tools of the last few years. They've been on the market for years because I can remember seeing them when I was young (now I'm 41 :-)) and they were only in wood, but now they are more and more beautiful and different.

Spring sticks

They can be found in different materials (although the most commonly used is acrylic) in different shapes and colors: pastel colors, transparent colors, glitter, and more. Cakesicle sticks are colorful sticks that all love children first. Are one of the most popular tools, and now you can find sticks with all different themes: spring, summer, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, and more. This idea is fantastic!

Butterfly sticks

I'm in love with butterfly cakesicle sticks! They are gorgeous! My favorite color is purple, but they are all beautiful! They are perfect for spring treats and make me feel like a kid again. There aren't only butterflies and roses, but more and more shapes.

Rose sticks

The rose sticks are lovely and ideal for Mother's Day! Their design and color are superb. Rose sticks always trigger feelings of love and appreciation. Sticks can be used to make fun and delicious desserts that are easy to buy in a store, but making them at home is much more fun and economical! You choose your favorite color and shape, and start to make your spring treats! They will be gorgeous!!

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