What Chocolate Bar Are You?

Chocolate bars are awesome. There is no debate that they should be part of everyone's diet. In fact, they do so much good that even the ancient Mayans considered it a panacea—a universal medicine.
There are many chocolates in the world: some taste good, some taste great. And chocolate bars… well, chocolate bars are fantastic!
They are beautiful and delicious!

Chocolate bars

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

Yes, it's true...making desserts can sometimes be a little tricky, especially if you’re looking to make something with colored ingredients. However, the adorable mini or normal chocolate bars are super simple to make and they are really fun to decorate and eat of course! You’ll have some real magic in your hands before you know it!
Making the bars is fun and easy! The ingredients are few and there is no baking involved. All you need is: melted chocolate (preferably colored), a chocolate bars mold and a lot of imagination!
The results will be a beautiful and delicious chocolate bar that can be decorated in many variations! You can decorate them with: sprinkles, with other chocolate or you can just leave them as they are.

Rainbow chocolate bar

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

Chocolate bars are ideal to give as gifts, or to make for an evening with friends.
These delicious chocolate bars can be eaten any time of day, any time of year! There are no rules as to when you can and cannot eat them- they are suitable for nibbling on during the summer and through the winter.
I personally love the white chocolate ones decorated with sprinkles here and there, they are so tasteful!

White chocolate bar

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

If you're a big fan of chocolate like me, and you feel the need for a bit more chocolate in your life, you should really try some homemade chocolate bars. This couldn't be simpler to do, and it's surprisingly easy to make your own versions of these tasty treats.
Try and Enjoy!

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