Christmas bright cakesicles

I love cakesicles! But who doesn't love them? I've been thinking about how many I'll have to make for Christmas.These festive and delicious Christmas cakesicles are fun and delicious ideas that are different and divine.Cakesicles are cake popsicle that is dipped in chocolate and decorated. Think of these as jumbo cake pops!

Star cakesicles

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

A delicious cake pop in the shape of a popsicle is one of my favorite treats. You can decorate your popsicle with any color of chocolates and sprinkles for any time of the year, but they are perfect for Christmas! I feel like a little girl again!You can make different shapes or designs by adding decorations on the top.

Star cakesicles mold

I am going to make star-shaped cakesicles this year! They will be so cute with the right mold, especially for Christmas! Then I will have some glitter sticks and make them even more Christmassy. For example my friend Pamela always makes amazing cakesicles, and she has already tried the star mold for cakesicles, and the result was terrific. They look fake, but instead, you can eat them. Her cakesicles that make the mouth water just by looking at them. 

Star cakesicles

((Photo by Pamela Cake Planner))

There are so many fun ideas out there, and I'm very excited! It's the perfect time of year to make ideal holiday cakesicles!!

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