Sprinkles is the new mood

Everyone loves sprinkles. If you don't love sprinkles, you've never had a cupcake or an ice cream cone or anything that tiny bits of colorful sugar could make better.

Do you know where did they even come from?
Everyone wants to take credit for inventing the rainbow sprinkles but
the idea was born in 1913 when the Dutch confectionary, Erven H. de Jong created " hagelslag" (sprinkles). They were originally intended to be used as a simple topping for bread and butter. They somehow reached the Tri-State and New England area in the 1930s, and initially, they were called “Jimmies” in the US and used as a cake topping. It wasn’t until the 1940s that sprinkles began being used as an ice cream topping. The first mention of sprinkles as an ice cream topping is traced to Dr. Edward Brigham, creator of The Jimmy Fund, owner of Brigham’s ice cream shop. He began offering rainbow sprinkles as a topping for ice cream cones, charging a penny to raise money for The Jimmy Fund.

Today...what would our sweets be without the sprinkles?
Back in the day, we were happy with just a few sprinkles on top of our desserts but now that sprinkle fever has hit the world, there's no such thing as "too many" sprinkles.

Sprinkles are the perfect way to decorate any dessert.


Are ideal for example to decorate delicious donuts (that you can make using our beautiful pink silicone mold for donuts) or: cakepops, cakesicles, cakes, cupcakes, and more. All you need is only a lot of imagination!

There are many sprinkles supplies in the world but we love Sweetapolita. 

Our favorite mix is "Where happy lives"....we are in love!

Where Happy Lives

(Where happy lives medley)

And you...Which medley do you prefer?

Visit the "Sweetapolita Collection" in our shop and you will find a variety of colorful sprinkles and rainbow medley!

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