Pull-apart bread: Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread is a famous American dessert that started as a simple doughnut recipe and became a mass-produced dessert. While it's not a very well-known sweet overseas, it's a popular treat and is commonly found in bakeries throughout Asia and Europe. The most recognizable feature of this dessert is its exterior: a yeast-raised glaze.

Monkey Bread

Monkey bread has become a holiday classic, and with good reason. It’s fun, festive, and delicious. You can make it once or twice a year or keep it on hand for an impromptu get-together, but it’s also great to have on hand for a weeknight meal when unexpected guests pop up unexpectedly. No one will ever know this is a recipe for white bread using cream cheese as the main ingredient!

Monkey Bread

Monkey bread has several stories. According to one, the name comes from how this sweet dessert is eaten: with the hands, as monkeys would precisely do. At the same time, another theory is that it comes instead from the English name of the baobab tree, namely the monkey bread tree, whose shape would resemble that of this cake.

Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is a delicious dessert that can be filled with dark or milk chocolate, jam, apples and cinnamon, or anything else you like. It is a very versatile cake.

My family and I love it!

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