Meringues: the perfect sweet

I don't know why, but every time I see meringues, I have this mental image of Christmas. Probably because it usually snows around Christmas time, and meringues remind me so much of snow.Meringues are as beautiful as snowflakes! I love to make them and watch them when they bake in the oven; it’s as if they are coming alive.

white meringues

They can be served as a dessert and party snack. Meringues are ideally suited for baking and require minimal attention, making them easy to prepare. They're also very versatile — you can quickly adapt them for any occasion or holiday by using different flavors and colors of icing sugar.I love meringues! They're so beautifully delicate and light! They can be eaten hot or cold, served with fruit or chocolate sauce and savory toppings, and decorated like flowers or edible icing.

Fuit meringues

I visited my friend Pamela recently, and she shared the most delicious pink and white meringues I've ever tasted. But Pamela is a genius! Anyone can make them in color they like best.You can color the meringues with food coloring to make any color you'd like and decorate them with sprinkles, fruit or chocolate or use them to decorate cakes.

Pink meringues

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

I love light colors like pink, light blue, and white, but you can also color meringues with typical Christmas colors. Meringues are a lot of fun to make! Use whatever pattern you want: Christmas trees, snowflakes, or any design into which you can form meringue. Just use your imagination!

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