Christmas Cookies: the colors of the season

Christmas cookies are a type of cake prepared in various countries during the Christmas season. The earliest recorded Christmas cookies date back to the Middle Ages, when spices and other sweet ingredients, including cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, almonds, and dried fruits, first arrived in Europe. The cookies were served as a good-luck toy to children before their baptism during the European Middle Ages.

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Cookies are now made in everyone's homes and are always fun to bake and decore; Even the whole family can enjoy baking these delicious treats!I love it when the smell of Christmas cookies invades the house because it's not Christmas without cookies. My favorite version of cookies is the butter version, which tastes best (I don't like cinnamon very much, so, unfortunately, the traditional recipe does not want to be for me).

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I love looking at cookie cutters every time I go to new stores; there are so many! Luckily with our online store, I always get to preview from our fantastic vendors what the latest in cake design is, and immediately my eye falls on the cutters that will make me have to have them for my next project!I go crazy for Sweet Stamp's cutters! They are so cool! They have a fantastic collection of delicious cutters and outboss cutter, and we’re super lucky to be able to sell them in our shop!

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You can create fantastic Christmas cookies with our molds and have fun decorating them with sprinkles or decorating them with food coloring. You are spoiled for choice regarding the molds we offer, so find your favorite Christmas mold and start baking!


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