Cinco De Mayo? I Love This Holiday

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most well-known Mexican holidays in the world, often confused with the country's Independence Day and just as important.
Cinco de Mayo is a fiesta, a celebration of food, drink, and good times. It's an opportunity to revel in the richness of Mexican culture and heritage — a time to party with friends, eat great food and listen to mariachi!
Mexican cupcake
(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

I love tacos, and Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to enjoy them.
Celebrate this day with a festive atmosphere and some sweet treats. Make colorful desserts such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and churros, and decorate them with: chocolate, sprinkles, and more! Bring your family and friends together to enjoy a delicious dinner filled with tradition, fun, and the colors of the day!
(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

It is really a great opportunity to decorate your cakes and your treats with the brightest colors: I recommend the use of mango color, lemon color, mint color, and more ... Don't be afraid to go out there and be bold! Feel free to try these colors to decorate, we know you'll like them; in fact, we are sure you will fall in love with them. Enjoy the magic and the colorful rainbow of traditional Mexican colors!!!


Cinco de mayo cake

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

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