Pam from Buttercut Bakery: Cake Decorator of the month

Our June Cake Decorator of the Month is Pam from Buttercut Bakery. She is a very creative girl who creates sweets with extreme passion. She is a great Youtuber and loves to share her knowledge with  her community! Read our interview with her below, get inspired and give Buttercut Bakery and follow on Instagram!

1. How Buttercut Bakery come to be? I have always loved baking as a kid. I learned a lot from my mom who used to make us all our birthday cakes and spent a lot of her time trying all kinds of baking recipes from the recipe books she got. In October of 2016, I decided to turn my hobby into a business so I launched my Instagram page “Buttercut Bakery” and posted my first cookie set which was Hallooween themed. 

2. Where did you learn your Cake Decorating?I learned the basics from my beautiful mom, she’s an amazing cook and baker. Over the years I wanted to learn more about decorating cakes/cookies/… I watched a lot of YouTube videos and learned a lot from Instagram as well. It was a trial and error kind of process of course, but I’m learning to push myself everyday.  

Fruit cakesicles

4. What is your favorite part about being a cake decorator? The creativity. Baking and decorating allows me to bring my ideas into something concrete and this is one of the best parts about it. 

5. Are you cake decorator full time? What about your day? I have a full time job outside of Buttercut but I’m working towards becoming a full time content creator. 

6. Do you have any advice for those who want to approach Cake Decorating?Have fun, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions/help from other bakers. 

8. Do you have someone who inspired you? I’m in love with Amaury Guichon’s work and creativity. 


9. What’s your favorite product from PinkAlmonds shop? The fruit cakesicle mold is my favourite for this summer and all the cakesicles sticks! PinkAlmonds has the cutest cakesicles sticks! 

Christmas tree

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