Joliana: Cake Decorator of the month

Our May Cake Decorator of the Month is Joliana from Treats by Joliana. Joliana is an awesome mom who creates great treats from her kitchen. She is always keen to learn more and improve her skills, which we love. Read our interview with her below, get inspired and give Treats by Joliana a follow on Instagram!

1. How Treats by Joliana come to be? 
It all started back in Nov 2020 when the whole world was upside down dealing with a pandemic. I bought my first mold from Amazon (heart mold) and made my first breakable for my sister’s birthday. My friends and family were my biggest supporters and encouraged me to start an Instagram page and so I did. Throughout my journey, I knew that I wanted to improve my skills and focus on content creation versus taking orders in the long run. My page started growing rapidly end of last year and it’s been so surreal. 
2. Where did you learn your Cake Decorating?
I’m self taught, watched tons of videos online and had an amazing support from so many bakers. Trial and error has also been a big part of my journey and finally pushing my limits to do better. 
Butterflay bar
3. What is your favorite part about being a cake decorator? 
Channeling my creative self and just disconnecting from everything around me. 
4. Are you cake decorator full time? What about your day? 
I’m a full time Program Manager by day, caking is not my full time job. 
5. Do you have any advice for those who want to approach Cake Decorating?
Just Start and don’t be afraid of failing.. we all start somewhere and now is always a good time. 
6. Do you have someone who inspired you? (You can tag 3/4 IG accounts)
This is a tough one but I must say @buttercutbakery @ohmypops @cascakery @crumbsbykaylakors @pamelacakeplanner and so many more.
7. What’s your favorite product from PinkAlmonds shop
First of My fav thing ever about Pinkalmonds is their theme, but for products the mini cakesicle sticks, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing shop. 
Chocolate carrot
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