Hot Chocolate Bombs: a new sweet trend!

We are a family who loves the hot chocolate with chocolates. My son loves hot chocolate, and though typically I go for sugarless options, this time, we got involved in the new trend of Hot Chocolate Bombs!
There's nothing quite like a warm mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Chocolate bombs are these cute little chocolate balls with vanilla flavor hidden inside of them that you stir into your cup of milk when it's ready.
How cool is that?

Hot chocolate bombs

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

They're perfect for kids' parties, like a delicious gift, or when you're curled up in bed and you need a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold day.
They are simple and fun to make these desserts. They're small and very cute, and the decorations are entirely up to you, so feel free to get crazy: you can use sprinkles, glitter, and more.

Black cocoa bomb

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

To make the bombs, you can use a chocolate mold that you can find in different materials: silicone, plastic, etc., and in different shapes, small or big.
Inside, you can put in any cocoa and mini marshmallows.
Hot chocolate bombs can make everyone happy: kids and adults love the marshmallows, cocoa mix, and the fun of creating a warm drink.
I love hot chocolate bombs with white chocolate, cocoa, and marshmallows decorated with colorful sprinkles!

White cocoa bomb

(Photo by Pamela Cake Planner)

They are a great holiday gift (for example there are Hot Cocoa Bombs Kit: Milk Bombs or Dark Bombs): they are elegant and unique Christmas sweets and are hard to resist!

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