Brittany: Cake Decorator of the month

Cake Decorator of the month is Brittany from Sprinkles.and.Sparklesbb! Brittany is a very talented cake decorator who lives in Michigan and enjoys decorating sweets as a hobby, spending her days between work and family. We highly recommend that you follow her on Instagram(Sprinkles.and.Sparklesbb)! You will find many ideas to decorate and If you’re looking for tips and inspiration, you’ll find them! 

1. How “Sprinkles and Sparklesbb” come to be?

Over 10 years ago I began baking and bringing my creations to work for my coworkers to enjoy. They helped me come up with a name and insisted I keep an Instagram to share my cakes. I took a pretty long break from frequent baking after my daughter was born. About 3 years ago I picked up my baking hobby again and decided to start my page back up and now here I am ??

2. Where did you learn your Cake Decorating?
Growing up my mom made many of our birthday cakes and themed sugar cookies for every holiday. My mom taught me the basics of cake decorating with buttercream and fondant. I found so much joy in cake decorating and wanted to keep learning. We took a couple classes together, then I began teaching myself through Pinterest and YouTube videos.

3. What is your favorite part about being a cake decorator?
My favorite part about being a cake decorator is baking a cake for someone’s special event and seeing their reaction to their cake! I also love being able to create cakes and treats as a gift for others for a special occasion or just to brighten someone’s day! Since I don’t often sell my treats I will take them to local businesses, first responders, teachers, neighbors and friends as a gift.

4. Are you a cake decorator full time? What about your day?
I’m a complete hobby caker. I work a full time job during the day + try to keep up with my 6 year old daughter and two pups ??

Honey cakesicles

5. Do you have any advice for those who want to approach Cake Decorating?
My best advice is to practice, practice, practice! And don’t be scared to try new things.

6. Do you have someone who inspired you?
My recent biggest inspirations are:@loveisbakeable,@saucybakes and @sweetconfetti just to name few! I have so many talented and creative friends!

Summer chocolate bar

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